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This API is free to use. We do not offer help, and there are no limits at this time. This can change at any time. There would never be a limit per second or minute. All rights go to Epic Games. Do not forget to put this on your website or app.

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Documentation & Endpoints

Our main endpoint is This will handle all your requests and will connect with the nearest datacenter using a loadbalancer. Our image endpoint (using a fast CDN) is

Daily store.{language}
A list of all items in the current store

Upcoming items. —
A list of all upcoming items

All items. —

Specific item. —

Popular items based on our rating API. —

Get user ID. —

Get user stats.

HTTP endpoint: —

Get user matches (from our cache).

HTTP endpoint: —

Get challenges.

HTTP endpoint: —


HTTP endpoint: —

Get in-game BR news.

HTTP endpoint:{language}

Server status.

HTTP endpoint: —